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Hawks HTX BOX Lacrosse -2017 Summer Season

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In order to provide Houston boys with the best opportunity to progress in their skill and competitiveness levels, the Houston Hawks HTX BOX Lacrosse Program is focusing on the sport of box lacrosse.  After a successful fall season, and winter tournament tested in Philly, the Houston Hawks Lacrosse Program is offering summer training for boys in grades 1-8 who want to learn the core concepts and techniques of box lacrosse and, when ready, compete in  tournament play.  Local tournament options and training will give each player a good grasp of the sport of box lacrosse. Additional out of town opportunities will be available as well.

Local training:

June 5-8; June 12 & 14 (200-330 pm) Westheimer Indoor 3035 Crossview; Houston, TX  77063

If interested in local training please email:

Summer tournament opportunity: DETAILS BELOW.  SIGN UP BY JUNE 14


  1. Click on the link below to fill out the quick Pre-Registration Form (no money will be collected at this point) – this must be filled out by Wednesday June 14 at the absolute latest!

For those players wanting more competition, the Hawks will be working with Texas Box Lacrosse/Stickstar to provide opportunities to compete in USBOXLA Nationals tournament.

Texas Box Lacrosse will be taking teams out to San Jose, CA in August for the US Box Lacrosse National Championships.

We are looking for passionate and dedicated athletes from across the state of Texas to join us for a fun and intense weekend of lacrosse competition at the highest level!  This will be our 5th year taking teams out to this tournament as the charter member of the United States Box Lacrosse Association for the state of Texas.

This email will give you more information on this opportunity including how to get involved if you are interested.

Tournament Name:  US Box Lacrosse National Championships

Tournament Dates:  August 4-6

Location:  Silver Creek Sportsplex, San Jose, California

Age Groups:  Box lacrosse tournaments are grouped by birth year rather than by grade. Below are the age groups that we are entering into the tournament.

  • Novice – Born in 2007 and 2008

  • Peewee – Born in 2005 and 2006

  • Bantam – Born in 2003 and 2004

  • Midget – Born in 2001 and 2002

Competition Level: This tournament features teams from all of the US and Canada including California, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Alberta, British Columbia, and more.  It is the largest and most competitive box lacrosse tournament in the United States.

Is this appropriate for my son?
First off, for anyone who has not played in a box lacrosse tournament it is a much faster version of the game than field lacrosse so there is always a bit of an acclimation period even for the best players.  I think a good rule of thumb is that if a kid was successful in his spring season in terms of handling the stress of the game, keeping up athletically, and consistently making positive plays to help his team then he will enjoy a box lacrosse tournament such as this.  If a kid struggled during the spring season, then this tournament will probably be too overwhelming for him for right now.

Everytime we take kids to a box lacrosse tournament we see a giant leap in development from their first game to their last…by the end of the tournament they will move and compete like completely different players.

We recognize that the summer is a very busy time for people between family vacations, lacrosse tournaments, and other activities yet we still need to go into the tournament as prepared as possible.  Thus, we will be holding some localized training sessions in Dallas and Houston in late June and July as well as a Training Camp consisting of practices and scrimmages the weekend of July 22-23 in the Dallas-area and July 29 in the Houston area.  None of these training sessions are technically required for players to attend in order to play in the tournament, however, attending at least some of them is strongly encouraged.

Also, we will be setting up a scrimmage in San Jose for the evening of Thursday August 3rd and will encourage people to get in by that afternoon if possible. This will give the kids an additional game and also help us get over the box lacrosse acclimation process so that we can hit the ground running for our first game of the tournament.

Coaching Staff:

Bart Sullivan – Southlake Carroll Head Coach, Founding member of US Box Lacrosse in Texas
Anthony Crimmins – Owner of StickStar Lacrosse
Sam Chambers – HTX BOX -Houston Hawks, former Head Coach of St. John’s Houston
Kyle Saunders – Southlake Carroll Assistant Coach, former Texas State Head Coach
Michael Cox – current player for University of Denver, Team USA U-19 Box Lacrosse Team Captain
Liam Kelly – former player for Bellarmine University and Texas State, former Junior A Box Lacrosse player

$500 for the tournament – includes tournament registration, coaching, and uniform
$20 US Box Lacrosse tournament insurance
There will be additional costs for local training and the Training Camp.  Players not interested in the Nationals are encouraged to attend the training sessions.


  1. Click on the link below to fill out the quick Pre-Registration Form (no money will be collected at this point) – this must be filled out by Wednesday June 14 at the absolute latest!

  1. Once we get the list of interested players we will send out an email on June 15 (7 weeks out from the tournament) that will include:

    • An invoice to pay for the tournament

    • Information to register for US Box Lacrosse

    • Detailed information for the local practices as well as the Training Camp

    • Hotel room block info for California

    • Flight Info for the coaches – if you are interested in getting on the same flight

    • The roster of players and coaches for each team

We want to make sure that before you spend any money on registration or booking travel that we have a buffer period to answer questions and make sure that we get the teams filled properly.

Thanks for considering Texas Box Lacrosse as part of your summer experience!


Bart Sullivan






LOCATION: Westheimer Indoor

DATES: June 5-8; June 12-15   2-330 pm


  • July 22-23: Scrimmage Bicentennial Park 450 W Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX 76092
  • July  tbd, 2017:
  • August 4-6: USBOXLA Nationals

FEES: training fee per session is 35.00 per player

USBOXLA player membership is required for all participants. THIS MEMBERSHIP WILL BE READY FOR PURCHASE after I receive your Hawks/HTX BOX registration.  Once you register for the Hawks/HTX BOX program, you will receive an email with instructions to join USBOXLA.   Fee for the annual membership is $45.00. Please note that the club you need to choose for your membership is HTX BOX Lacrosse.  Do not choose another club on the list.


HAWK GEAR: stickstar

EQUIPMENT: Full box lacrosse equipment is mandatory. (Helmets, shoulder pads, gloves, elbow pads, rib pads, bicep pads, mouth piece) Helmets are required at all times. Court shoes only. Each player is responsible for providing his own equipment.  See Coach Sam Chambers if you need rental equipment (first come/first serve and free of charge).  Reversible jerseys can also be borrowed.


Offline payment-checks payable to Brand X Sports.

Mail to: Brand X Sports  P.O. Box  56201 Houston, TX  77256

Pay online at end of this registration.


Please be on time for pick up.  If there is an issue for being late, please call 832-643-4488.


Parents are welcome to view practices from the sidelines.  Please do not go onto the field/court during practice time.   Players play, coaches coach, parents can watch.


Prior to each training session, please check in with Coach Chambers.


In the event of inclement weather, please call: 832-643-4488 for updates to the schedule.  Email notices will be primary mode of communication.


Hawks teams have limited spots and will take players based on their competitive level.  In the event that more players are available for tournaments than open spots, additional teams and/or training-only options will be considered. Competition or scrimmage dates may take precedence over training dates.


HTX Box program will offer small group instruction sessions weeknights tba.

Contact Coach Chambers:




    • RESOLUTE BOX LACROSSE TOURNAMENT  Columbus, Ohio- tbd February, 2017 (7-8 GRADE)
    • USBOXLA NATIONALS, August 4-6, 2017
    • Tournament Video link please click here.


Parking and drop off will be at St. John’s School through gate 9 (3360 West Alabama) Please drop off and park in the parking lot at the end of the drive and NOT in the driveway.

Pick up: At least two coaches will be on hand for pick up. Please be on time.  If there is an issue for being late, please call 832-643-4488.


Parents are welcome to view practices from the sidelines.  Please do not go onto the field or court during practice time.   Players play, coaches coach, parents can watch.


Prior to each training session, please check in at least 15 minutes prior.  rule** School athletic/academic schedules take precedence over participation in the Hawks program.




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